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As a commerce based photographer, his work needed to be showcased front and center to show prospective buyers exactly the type of quality work he provides.Of course the steps below cannot account for all client needs and meeting discussions but is outlined to help you understand the custom considerations that we build in to every website to meet your unique needs.

*Scroll down below this information to check out our examples of this design in PDF form.


  1. One Page Design – He opted for a clean and simple one page design with an elegant yet masculine  throughout. He coupled this one page design with the choice to have a custom blog page and post design along with ecommerce integration to sell his work.
  2. Clean Navigation Menu – A clean and easy to use navigation menu is essential to help users navigate through the page and also send them to the blog. Anchors and sticky menu elements made sure it was always accessible to users.
  3. Attractive Header Image – A large attractive header of a high quality landscape shot greets users when they first load the site. Merged with some call to action steps to encourage people to navigate the site, users instantly get a feel for his brand and personality.
  4. Attractive and Engaging Design – The remainder of the page worked to bring together personal information with helpful links for users to engage with his blog post and shop his online store.
  5. Custom Blog Page & Post Design – Along with creating a unique website home page, he also opted to have a blog and page and post designed. Examples of these pages are included in PDF below.
  6. Integrated Ecommerce – We helped Brad keep his artwork front and center and integrated his site with his preferred selling solution.