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K Dowler Photography

Website Design Client – Clark Site Solutions, LLC. 


As a service based photographer, her work needed to be showcased front and center to show clients exactly the type of quality work she provides.Of course the steps below cannot account for all client needs and meeting discussions but is outlined to help you understand the custom considerations that we build in to every website to meet your unique needs.

*Scroll down below this information to check out our examples of this design in PDF form.


  1. One Page Design – She opted for a clean and simple one page design with an elegant charm throughout. We ensured that the accent colors we used brought out the best in her charming logo.
  2. Clean Navigation Menu – A clean and easy to use navigation menu is essential to help users navigate through the page and also send them to the blog. Anchors and sticky menu elements made sure it was always accessible to users.
  3. Attractive Header Image Gallery – A large auto scrolling gallery full of high quality images from recent shoots greets users when they first load the site. Coupled with her logo icon bridging her welcome message helps users get an overall impression of her brand and personality.
  4. Informative plus Engaging Design – The remainder of the page worked to bring together personal information with brand authority to educate users and encourage them to book their session consultation.
  5. Pop Up and Highlight Galleries – Hover effects for galleries and informative sections in the services, “I love” section, and testimonial collection, allowed for a minimalist design. This method placed the user in control of exactly what information they wanted to see.
  6. Social Engagement & Footer Control – integration with both Instagram® and Pinterest® allowed for her to engage her users and build her presence on her most prominent social networks all at the same time. The footer area served as an additional encouragement for users to book their sessions and act as a soft closing to the page.
  7. Custom Blog Page & Post Design – Along with creating a unique website home page, she also opted to have a blog and page and post designed. Examples of these pages are included in PDF below.