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The Spirit of the Mountain Alumni Association

Website Design Client – Clark Site Solutions, LLC. 


As a non-profit association dedicated to maintaining traditions and standards of a thriving institution they needed a site that could support member sign ups and interactions while also spreading their message and allowing for donations. Of course the steps below cannot account for all client needs and meeting discussions but is outlined to help you understand the custom considerations that we build in to every website to meet your unique needs.

*Scroll down below this information to check out our examples of this design in PDF form.


  1. Multiple Page Design – They opted for a multiple page design to showcase their mission, history, membership platform, and donations. 
  2. Clean Navigation Menu – A clean and easy to use navigation menu is essential to help users navigate through the page and also send them to the blog. Full linking and sticky menu elements made sure it was always accessible to users.
  3. Attractive Header with Call to Action –  An attractive image overlaid with a call to action to invite users to learn more about the association or apply for membership. 
  4. Informative plus Engaging Design – The home page is very simple to direct users to dive deeper into the site or to immediately donate. The remainder of the site is designed in a minimalist fashion to keep it clean and simple for users. 
  5. Full Membership Platform – In order to engage their users and foster deeper community, we built them a full membership platform with a branded login screen. This platform supports individual and group interactions, file downloads, message boards, member profiles, and more. All members are approved by the board before granting access to site to protect all members data.