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Domain Names

Your gateway to the web

Every website starts with a domain name. Domain names are how your clients will find you and interact with your site! Common domain names you’ve probably encountered could include google.com, comcast.net, apple.com, liveunited.org and more. We offer affordable pricing on popular many of the most popular TLD’s (i.e. “.com”, “.net”, “.org”, etc.). Our store allows you to purchase a new domain to be hosted on our servers or transfer an existing domain onto our platform. If you would like to inquire about purchasing a domain extension not listed in our store, email our sales team at sales@clarksitesolutions.com and be sure to list the extension you are looking for. We sell over 100+ domain extensions but do not actively list everything available in our store.

We also offer additional domain features such as DNS Management, ID Protect, and Email Forwarding. ID Protect is our top-selling domain add-on because it keeps your personal information when you register off of public domain registry records. If you purchase ID Protect, those viewing your public domain records will see our information instead of yours.


Web Hosting

Your message’s platform

Through our secure and reliable hosting plans, you can be sure your website has the power to spread your message to your target audience. Whether you are a small blogging site searching out your audience, business seeking more recognition, or a non-profit organization spreading awareness and rallying support for your cause Clark Site Solutions has the power behind your website.


Not only are our plans reliable, but they are equally affordable, designed to put your brand and message first. We are built from a consumer-first mindset seeking to give you all the tools you need to succeed without draining your resources. 


Email Solutions

Simple and secure email solutions

Every domain purchase comes with simple, easy, and secure email solutions built in. We also offer the ability to connect to popular email platforms such as GSuite and Office365. If you want to implement email accounts from a domain you purchased simply submit a support ticket to our support team. 


Custom WordPress Website Designs

Fresh designs from the ground-up

Each hosting package offers you the opportunity to take advantage of our custom website design services. While each WordPress site comes with an easy-to-use page builder out of the box, the ability to work with our experienced web designer gives you the chance to take advantage of capturing a fresh look while maintaining the integrity of our brand. You can add the service to any hosting package on our platform through our store. Want more information and to see examples of our work? Click the “request consultation” button below. 

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